Granite Floors Miami Beach – Everything You Need to Know

By June 23, 2017Microblading
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One of the most popular natural stone flooring materials is “granite”. I’d say this is the best! Although granite is typically associated with countertops and backsplashes, granite is still a good flooring option. If you are willing to install granite flooring in Miami Beach, here’s everything you need to know about it. So, keep reading…

About Granite:

This is one of the natural stone materials, which is got from cooling magma. The slow, high-pressure process gives us granite that is stronger and harder. Granite contains the minerals like quartz and feldspar. This is the reason why granite sparkles. When it comes to usage, literally it can be used in almost all the parts of your home. In general, granite would be available as matte slabs or shiny tiles.

Granite Flooring’s Durability:

I’d say this is the most impressive part of having the granite flooring at homes. This material is found to be providing an exceptional durability. If your granite flooring is properly sealed, you don’t have to worry about your flooring being stained or damaged. As mentioned earlier, this is the hardest material of all the other types, which means that it is almost impervious to scratches or dents. Granite shows higher resistance to normal irritants and heat. Moreover, the granite is resistance to acidic materials thereby, making it ideal for the kitchens. Furthermore, granite is found to be resistant to fading. Therefore, it can last a lifetime if maintained properly.

Look of Granite Flooring:

Granite comes in various colors and patterns, which means that you have countless options to choose from. Once installed, your granite flooring would add a warm tone to your living place and would give an area character, as well as sophistication. You can apply various types of finishes to your granite. The most popular among them are:

  • Polished granite
  • Honed granite
  • Flamed granite
  • Brushed granite

Since this is a natural material, the color variations are inevitable from one tile to another. However, this won’t be a problem as it only adds to the character of your floor.

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