Granite Floors Miami Beach – How to Remove Pet Stains?

By September 9, 2017Microblading

You would have invested a good amount of money for your granite floors. But, that can’t keep your pets from walking on your floors. Even a well-trained cat and dog would go through some occasional accidents. Some good news from us is that you need not leave your granite floors with the stains caused by pets. Just like other stains, the pet stains can also be removed. Read below to know how to remove pet stains from your granite floors as explained by our experts at Blanco Flooring. So, continue reading…

Handling Pet Urine Stains:

Yes, we agree that natural stones like granite are incredibly strong and durable. But, the stains caused by pet urine can be damaging as it would become a strong alkaline upon drying. So, it is advisable not to allow the pet urine to sit for a longer time on your granite floors. The best way to avoid any damage to your floors is to clear up the mess as soon as possible.

Cleaning up Pet Accidents:

Accidents happen! So, what to do if your pet has an accident on your granite floors? Clean it up immediately. To clean, we would advise you to use a terry cloth or your paper towels for blotting up the urine. Remember, you should not use any kind of corrosive and/or acidic cleansers for your granite floors. Also, you must avoid rubbing it.

Removing Pet Stains:

So, what if you did not catch the accident immediately? Even if the thing has dried and caused a stain on your granite floors, you can still remove it. For the organic stains like urine, you can remove the stain using liquid bleach. But, use it only if your floor is properly sealed. For this, we would ask you to use a terry cloth or paper towels to be placed over the stains. Then, soak it with your bleaching liquid. Allow this set up untouched for at least 24 hours. Then, rinse with water. Remember, the bleaching agents should not be used regularly on your granite floors.

So, this is all about removing pet stains from your granite floors. To learn more about caring for your granite flooring, feel free to call us at 305-513-8447 today.