Marble Floors Miami Beach – Cleaning Tips

By June 19, 2017Microblading

The marble floors are an expensive investment to your home or office. As you might be already aware, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to preserve the aesthetics of marble floors. Also, you must understand that cleaning of your marble floors can be frustrating if you haven’t done this before. But, you don’t have to worry about it. Here are some cleaning tips for you to follow and thereby, preserving your marble floors. So, keep reading…

Using the right cleaning material:

One of the important things that you need to do to extend the life of the marble flooring and to keep them with their original shiny look is to use right cleaning materials. If you use the wrong materials, then remember the marbles may get damaged. In order to avoid any damages to your marble flooring, be sure to avoid the products with descaling agents of any kind. Also, while cleaning, you must use a sponge or any other soft piece of cloth for applying the cleaning materials.

Sealing the marble:

The marble floors are required to be sealed in order to protect them from the factors like water, dust, or moisture. You can get the sealants from your local hardware shops. On the packages, you can find the instructions on how to apply them. Be sure to follow those instructions. However, we advise you to ask the professionals like us before purchasing your sealants because some types of marble floors won’t require them. Even if sealants are required, you should be careful in application. Overdoing it will spoil the appearance of your floor.

Cleaning spills at the earliest:

Remember, marbles are much porous than most other flooring surfaces. This nature of the marbles is making it necessary to clean any spills right away. Failing to clean the floor as soon as possible would leave a permanent stain on the floor especially when it’s acidic liquid (wine, coffee, juice…) that spilled. In addition, you are recommended to perform some regular mopping and drying in order to increase the life of the floors. Be sure not to sue using a vacuum as they can create scratches.

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