Marble and Granite Installation Miami Beach – Make your Kitchens Classy

By November 9, 2017Microblading

Are you having an outdated kitchen at your home? Do you wish to make a change? At Blanco Flooring, we can make your wishes fulfilled. We can help select the ideal kitchen countertop that fits your style, as well as the budget. As you might be aware already, installing precious stones Miami Beach is popular now. They will be a wonderful choice for your kitchens as they have the capacity to add character to your home. Above all, these are very durable and can last longer. So, at Blanco Flooring, we are offering the two most famous types of precious stone kitchen countertops. Know more about them below:

Marble Kitchen Countertops:

These countertops will give a smooth and sophisticated look. In addition, they would look clean and bright. Several of our customers are saying that the marble kitchen countertops are working great in their modern kitchens. Although they require a little maintenance to make them look pristine, you will find it easy to do. We have a lot of color choices to pick from our inventory and we are sure that you can find the best kitchen countertop to give the completeness to your kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Countertops:

Until recently, the granite kitchen countertops were seen only in top-end homes. But, it is not so now! Nowadays, customers are choosing to buy the granite countertops more often. It’s because these would give your home a high-end look when at the same time being able to fall within your budget. Since granite is a natural stone, it would give a distinctive style to the kitchen. And, you can find an array of colors and styles in it. At Blanco Flooring, we have a multitude of granite kitchen countertops to view and select.

If you want to know how our kitchen countertops will look like in your kitchens, try our kitchen visualizer today. For more information, you can also call us at 305-513-8447.