Marble and Granite Installation Miami Beach – What works best for you?

By November 1, 2017Microblading
marble and granite Miami, FL

Are you looking to install marble or granite in your kitchen? So, what suits you more? If you ask someone who has built or redone their kitchens in the recent times, you would understand that the number of options available today will make the process of selection difficult. Although it may be easier for you to fix your mind on marble and granite, deciding between these two can be overwhelming. Now, know what works best for you as said by our experts here…

Marble for Kitchen:

The demand of marble for kitchen remodels has increased considerably in the recent times. If you are looking for a brighter, purer white slab, then marble is a perfect choice. It promises to give a high-end image to any type of kitchen. In nature, marble is found to be more porous than your granite and hence, it may require a sealing. When it comes to prices, there are lots of options that are available at comparable prices to the granite. As such, you can expect to spend about $50 and $200 per foot.

Granite for Kitchen:

This is found to be the #1 countertop option for a reason. The beauty and durability offered by the material are making it a wonderful choice for almost any kitchen type. This natural stone is resistant to water, as well as heat. Although it’s slightly porous, it does not need to be sealed to prevent damages and stains. Yes, of course, if you still think your granite needs to be sealed, you can very well do it. The inherent strength of the granite will help save your kitchen flooring from etching and scratches. The price of the granite will come around $40 to $200 per foot.

So, this is all about marble and granite installation for your kitchen. If you need more help in deciding, then feel free to contact us anytime here.