Miami Beach Marble Kitchen Countertops Considerations

By July 25, 2017Microblading

Marble is often seen as a luxurious addition to a kitchen. Most of the buyers are saying that the marble addition to their kitchens had lent them warmth, as well as sophistication. Due to its comparative softness, most of the buyers prefer using marble stones to their kitchen countertops. Let’s see the marble kitchen countertops considerations here…


The marble kitchen countertops are available in the thickness ranges of three-quarter of an inch to one inch and a quarter. It’s to be noted that the much-preferred option is the maximum thickness (one inch and a quarter).


The standard overhang that is being used in the marble kitchen countertops is one inch to one and a half inch.


Although there are several options when it comes to the edge, the straight edge remains more popular among the consumers.


Carrera is the white or blue-gray marble with some kind of soft veining. Most of the consumers say that this marble countertop is giving them the charm of the old-world. Calacatta is the white one with unique taupe veining.


Marble countertops are available in the form of slabs and tiles. Herein, the marble slabs are offering a solid and seamless appearance. If you choose the counter, which is curved or arched, then you will require a seam.

If you want to have a marble countertop for your kitchen, but if you are on a budget, then you can go for marble tiles. These are the most affordable forms of marble countertops. These also have the advantage of saving the extra tiles once the installation is over.


When it comes to maintaining your marble countertops, we would say the prevention is the best way. Remember, marble stones are prone to etching and hence, you must be careful with the acids. Always use a soft cloth plus warm water for daily cleaning. You can also use some mild cleaning agents.

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