Precious Stones Company Miami Beach – Get to know your stone

By July 4, 2017Microblading

The most important thing when it comes to precious stones installation is the proper care and maintenance. For this, first, you need to understand the geological classification, as well as the composition of the stone you get. We, at Blanco Flooring, have come up with the following article for the benefit of our customers to read and understand the precious stone you buy from us. So, continue reading to know…

Natural Stone Classification:

Basically, there are three geological classifications when it comes to natural stone. Based on the formation process, these are classified as follows:

  • Sedimentary
  • Metamorphic
  • Igneous

In addition to this basic classification, the stones in each of these categories can be calcareous or siliceous.

Of these, the calcareous stone is made of calcium carbonate, which is the major chemical compound that can be found in natural stone, and pearls. Remember, these stones are sensitive to your acidic cleaning solutions. Therefore, you are recommended to use the non-acidic cleaning solutions for these.

On the other hand, the siliceous stones are composed of silicates like quartz, mica, and so on. Unlike the calcareous material, these stones are found to be resistant to acidic solutions. However, in most cases, acidic cleaners are not suggested for cleaning these. We are saying this because these stones would still contain trace amounts of other minerals that are sensitive to acids.

Cleaning the Precious Stones:

Remember, most of the suppliers are offering cleaning products when a customer buys the stone from them. Always try to stick with these in order to maintain the stones in a good condition. As a precaution, avoid the cleaning products containing lemon, vinegar, and other acids as these products can dull and etch the calcareous materials. Also, try to avoid scouring powders and creams as these would often contain abrasive and could scratch your stones.

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