The Process of Installing Granite Floors

By July 21, 2017Microblading
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Installing the granite floors would add character to your home, no matter whether you are doing it for a modern building or older home during the renovation. We are sure that you will be wondering how the processes of installation of granite floors will go. Here, we have come up with an article to give you an overview of the process of installing granite floors. Continue reading…

Preparation Step:

Just like any other home improvement job, here again, preparation is important. As you are aware, granite is heavy and hence, having a solid, as well as an even base is important. We would suggest you have a floor screed, which is a cementitious underlayment that is being used for leveling a surface. If your floor is already having tiles of any kind, you are advised to have them removed before you place the screed. Lastly, if you could find any unevenness in your floor, go for any leveling compound and ensure that the surface is clean and dust-free.

Installation Step:

Depending on the size and shape of the granite, you must have enough persons to lift the granite and have them installed. In general, the granite floor can be installed using a solid bed trowel by using a cement-based adhesive. With all your tiles in place, we would suggest you leave them as undisturbed for the adhesive to dry out. This would usually take around 24 hours.

Sealing Step:

After the grout has dried, after an hour, your granite floor will have to be sealed. Remember, granite also has some porosity and hence, you need to treat it. Therefore, we would suggest you apply a sealant all across the floor. We, as your granite dealer, would recommend the best product for the job, which you must apply at least two times.

For any further questions about the granite floor installation process, feel free to contact us.