The Process of Installing Marble Floors

By July 18, 2017Microblading

Undoubtedly, marble floors are versatile. Your decision to install marble floors to your rooms would definitely add a pleasing appearance to your home. However, in order to install the marble floors, you would need to perform certain steps. The professionals in marble flooring could help you with the process. Here, try to learn and understand the installation of marble floors. Come on; read it…

Inspecting your floors:

In general, the process of installing marble floors would start with the inspection process. Our team of experts would inspect your floor where the marbles need to be installed. They need to be installed on a clean floor. Therefore, if we find any uneven section on your floor, we would lay a plywood sheet for the marbles to rest on.

Applying Adhesives:

For the marbles to set in, we will put a thin layer of adhesive on the floor by using a trowel. It’s advisable not to put too much of the adhesive at a time. So, we will apply a thin layer first and let it dry and then will apply one more layer of glue.

Cutting the Marble Tiles:

We will make sure to cut the marble tiles in a way that it fits around the corners very well. For this purpose, we are making use of the wet saw for cutting the marble tiles. Here, note that the marble tiles are to be cut very carefully because it could lead to cracking of your tiles if not done with care. This is why we recommend you to take the professional hand to help you out.

Installing the Floors:

Finally, you must prepare the place to install the marble flooring. The installation has to be done very carefully such that the glue is not building up in the joints too. Also, we need to place the tiles in the chronological order for the purpose of utilizing the space very effectively. Then, the final touch has to be done to make it appear clean and beautiful.

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