Quartz vs. Granite Floors Miami Beach – Which is the best?

By November 3, 2017Microblading
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This is the question we get almost every other day from our customers. So, we thought to write an article about this burning question here, so as to give an idea of which is the best among quartz and granite floors. Read the following article if you are having the same question in your mind right now…

Material Comparison: Quartz vs. Granite

As many of you might be aware already, quartz is an engineered material. This is being created through a manufacturing process. As such, the manufactured quartz will contain 95% natural quartz with 5% polymer resins. The polymer resins are generally used for creating bonds, as well as colors. Unlike the quartz, granite is a natural material that is nothing but an igneous rock that is created from molten magma. The swirls and patterns that you can use in granite are formed as the magma cools down slowly and is blended with other contents like quartz and mica. Large pieces of this granite are being mined from mountains and are cut and polished to form slabs. These are then shipped to different parts of the globe.

Which is more durable?

Although quartz is considered to be extremely durable, it is not recommended to be used for outdoors. It’s because the surface of the material may discolor when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Also, the scratches that can be created on the quartz flooring can be highly visible. On the other hand, granite, which is a natural stone, is one of the oldest and the most durable building material today. It is found to be durable for any kind of indoor and outdoor applications and is resistant to heat. In addition, the granite flooring is extremely tough to scratch.

Which is the best?

Although quartz can be appealing to the customers seeking solid colors, granite will be unpredictable and unique. As all granite is the gift from Mother Nature, it could be the best choice when it comes to choosing between quartz and granite for floors.

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